Explosives Storage Safety Consultancy International

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ESSINT is a trainer for the AASTP-1 & 5 courses provided by NATO/MSIAC for their member nations.
When you are a student during the next upcoming AASTP-1 and 5 course organized by NATO/MSIAC, you can go through the test as a preparation for the course.
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You need to be on the students list to access the test. Therefore you need your email address as a user name and the pasword that was provided to you.
AASTP-1 Explosives Storage Capacity Calculation Tool

ESSINT developed an EXCEL calculation tool for calculating storage capacities based on the QD tables from the latest version of AASTP-1 (Edition B Version 1) .  You can download this tool in the download section of this website. You will need to request a license to activate this tool. To request a license and to download the tool to need to register.
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